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Posted by DjOpposite - January 3rd, 2010

So another year has gone by. And I almost didn't even notice it.
The last year has been a productive one for me, though I've not uploaded very much here. Most of the music I made last year was for me and some for my work.
My Jingle Bells remix is a good example of that. I've been working on it since July '09 and finished it up in December, last day at work even! I'm quite proud of it actually, but I've only sent it to my friends and family. Noone else gets to hear it, unless I change my mind sometime in the future.

Another example is my Guardian Legend suite. I've made remakes and some remixes of all the music in TGL for NES. But nothing upped here.
I can link to a video I made for the title music on YouTube.com:

/* */
So... there it is. Nothing special at all, but it's better than just a picture, like so many else has.

And this is me, signing off to make some more interesting stuff.


Posted by DjOpposite - November 20th, 2008

Well, nothing new except Charisma has gotten to the site, and frankly I'm not really up to posting nowadays, not with all the 0-bombing that's been going on lately.

Anyways, just felt like saying something that popped into my mind, so let's get over with it then.

The reason I haven't uploaded so many of my old songs as I said that I would do in my previous post, is that now that I think of it, most of my old songs were very long-winded. Like, they sound almost the same the whole song, but still not. Like trance, but Dance, if that would make any sense... but I doubt it...
Anyways, it's just so I wouldn't bore you all to death, because some songs are quite boring. Some songs however, are not. But as I previously stated, I'm tired of the 0-bombing.
I mean okay, if you don't like a song, that's fine. But you don't have to log in every day and vote 0 on it. Especially when other people seem to like it (SMB Dancing Mushrooms for instance). That's like telling all the people in the world that they are idiots because YOU think different than they do. But if say, you think some song sucks (like the latest Britney Spears song or whatever) and 80% of all people who have heard it thinks otherwise, does that mean that THEY are wrong? That YOU are the only human being that could possibly be right? That doesn't make much sense now, does it?
Just think it over before you start 0-bombing someone again.

I just felt like saying something about it, and we'll see if I upload some of my old stuff or not. Only time will tell.


Just ranting.

Posted by DjOpposite - October 14th, 2008

Working on a few songs right now. A little remake of the game Delta for one thing, and the theme from ALF the series. Perhaps a new version of Sonic - IceCap Zone. We'll see how it goes.
To give you something to listen to for the moment however, I'm thinking about upping some of my old songs for you.

We'll see. I'm a bit undecisive right now.

You'll notice it ;)

Posted by DjOpposite - July 18th, 2008

Oh man... I've been really fucking up my well-being lately. I've started being awake during night-time, playing games, making music and watching movies, and sleeping during daytime, but only for a few hours each day. Yesterday I sleapt like... 4 hours on and off (kept having bad dreams).
This is not good for my sanity.
And as you probably noticed, I haven't put up any music lately either. And that's because... well to be honest... I forgot Newgrounds. Completely. I haven't even thought about Newgrounds, it completely slipped my mind. That's one reason.
The other reason is the fact that I am not happy with my music nowadays. Everything just feels empty and meaningless. Don't know why though...

Anyways, I've uploaded a song today; Lemmings II - Medieval Tribe [Remake]. I hope you like it, I do... sort of.

Stay tuned for more crap coming soon...

Posted by DjOpposite - June 2nd, 2008

A while back I promised you an updated version of Sonic 3 IceCap.
As most of you have noticed, there hasn't been one yet.
The reason for this have been something the scientists keep referring to as the "Real Life".
A couple of months ago I got a girlfriend. A couple of weeks ago, I found out that she was cheating on me and some days later she broke up with me. That really hurt. A lot.
So at first, there were no IceCap because of my new-found interest. And now there's not been an IceCap because of my heart beeing ripped in two and shoved down in a blender, run at full speed and then being put back into my chest again.

But hey, I'm a geek, can't stay sad forever, right? *sigh*

Anyway, I'm not shure the IceCap will come at all right now. I mean, I want to do it, but I don't have enough inspiration, you know... I keep writing songs about how she hurt me instead of moving on. And when I finally get to do something else, I make another game remake (see: Wario Land 3 Ending [Remake]).

Oh god, I just realized that the title has the word "Ending" in it...
This post is quite miserable.

Stay tuned on my mood :)

Posted by DjOpposite - April 26th, 2008

I uploaded my remake/remix of the Sonic 3 IceCap Zone song recently, asking if anyone wanted me to finish it.
Well, the responce I got was HUGE! 125 listens in under 24 hours! And 3 very positive reviews means that I take it as a Yes.
Therefore, I have started building it. So far, it's 2:30 long and has more drums and more bass (on request from a friend). Though I don't know if he's pleased with the amount yet :P
There are still things to do with it. For now, it's just looping up 'til 2:30 (though with a cooler beginning than previously in my opinion). As stated, more stuff to come into it. My goal is to make it a long-runner (about 4-6 minutes), but who knows... I stop when I think it's finished, no sooner, no later. Otherwise it will be bad (in my opinion).

Anyways, my main offer still stands, which noone has yet used: ask me of any video-game song, and I will remake/remix it as best I can. Like if you're gonna make a flash-animation of a game and need a song for it, I'm your man.
So come on, take the opportunity. I insist :)

Over and out,
Dj Opposite

Posted by DjOpposite - April 24th, 2008

Okay, this is cool... I've just counted all the songs I've made that are still existing on my hard drive...
107 SONGS ! ! ! OH MY GOD ! ! !
So, people... I'm quite sick of them myself, but I'll upload them here if you want me to. None of them are (in my opinion) in the same league as the other stuff I've put up here, but hey... Some people have even payed cash for my songs, once upon a time. I'm not kidding!

Anyways, my previous offer still stands: Any song you want to hear remixed/remade, just let me know and I'll get right on it! That's a promise!

So, please tell me if you want to hear any of my old songs. Please.

Over and out!
/Dj Opposite

Posted by DjOpposite - April 18th, 2008

Yeah, I got a little bit over-excited about this.
In my previous post I said that I would upload 2 songs/day or less. Well, it seems like I will have to put that on a hold a bit. I was actually going to do that (I have a 'few' finished songs ready to go), but then I started thinking and reviewing my songs. Most of them aren't good enough to put up here yet.
I wasn't going to have some sort of standard on my songs, but as I've gotten some good reviews and higher votes than I could have ever imagined, I've found myself setting a quite high bar.
Shure, I will upload some songs that I feel are not "good enough" (see: Technopolis), but they are of very few exceptions, and mostly for my own sake than others...

What I'm trying to say here, is that I won't quit, but I won't upload so darn many songs either. "Too much of the good stuff turns bad in a few minutes" as my mother always said.

That's all the news for today. We'll see how often I post.

Roger and out!

Posted by DjOpposite - April 14th, 2008

Hello there.
This is the first news post by me (and the last for a very long while, I should guess).

There isn't much to say really (I'm kind of tired right now), but let's just clear something up.
I am NOT a professional DeeJay who plays at parties and such. The name "Dj Opposite" is just something I came up with years ago and got stuck to it. I only wanted to tell the world that my music isn't "regular" music (or so I thought at the time). Instead of doing the exact same thing as the rest of the DeeJays out there, I wanted to do the exact opposite (hence "Dj Opposite"), even though I barely knew what a real DeeJay was at the time.
And since then, it's been "Dj Opposite". Nothing more, nothing less.

Anyways, enough about me.

I want to take this opportunity (that is, when I'm alive and able to spell correctly without fainting) and tell you this: I will probably upload about 2 songs/day (sometimes less).
If you know any song that you want remade (preferrably a video game song), just let me know and I will do my best. The result will come up here. I promise. Just send a PM.

Well, enough chatter for now. Back to the studio!

Yours sincerely
Dj Opposite