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Just ranting.

Posted by DjOpposite - November 20th, 2008

Well, nothing new except Charisma has gotten to the site, and frankly I'm not really up to posting nowadays, not with all the 0-bombing that's been going on lately.

Anyways, just felt like saying something that popped into my mind, so let's get over with it then.

The reason I haven't uploaded so many of my old songs as I said that I would do in my previous post, is that now that I think of it, most of my old songs were very long-winded. Like, they sound almost the same the whole song, but still not. Like trance, but Dance, if that would make any sense... but I doubt it...
Anyways, it's just so I wouldn't bore you all to death, because some songs are quite boring. Some songs however, are not. But as I previously stated, I'm tired of the 0-bombing.
I mean okay, if you don't like a song, that's fine. But you don't have to log in every day and vote 0 on it. Especially when other people seem to like it (SMB Dancing Mushrooms for instance). That's like telling all the people in the world that they are idiots because YOU think different than they do. But if say, you think some song sucks (like the latest Britney Spears song or whatever) and 80% of all people who have heard it thinks otherwise, does that mean that THEY are wrong? That YOU are the only human being that could possibly be right? That doesn't make much sense now, does it?
Just think it over before you start 0-bombing someone again.

I just felt like saying something about it, and we'll see if I upload some of my old stuff or not. Only time will tell.


Just ranting.

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I log in to 5-Bomb you whenever I can. =D

Heh, thanks :)
That'll show them... :P