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I like music, computers, movies and games, and I mix them together. What else is there to know?

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So another year has gone by. And I almost didn't even notice it.
The last year has been a productive one for me, though I've not uploaded very much here. Most of the music I made last year was for me and some for my work.
My Jingle Bells remix is a good example of that. I've been working on it since July '09 and finished it up in December, last day at work even! I'm quite proud of it actually, but I've only sent it to my friends and family. Noone else gets to hear it, unless I change my mind sometime in the future.

Another example is my Guardian Legend suite. I've made remakes and some remixes of all the music in TGL for NES. But nothing upped here.
I can link to a video I made for the title music on YouTube.com:

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So... there it is. Nothing special at all, but it's better than just a picture, like so many else has.

And this is me, signing off to make some more interesting stuff.


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275 Points

Blunt Force Trauma 25 Points

Kill 100 zombies with your vehicle

Come with me if you want to live 10 Points

Rescue and secure a civilian

Perfect Defense 25 Points

While stopped during a task, don't let a single zombie reach your vehicle's hood

Gun Slinger 25 Points

Weaken a hood grappling zombie with 1 weapon, then quickly switch to another weapon to finish it off with one shot

The Survivor 5 Points

Complete the game and survive.

The Merciful 10 Points

Make sure Bill passes away calmly.

The Savior 25 Points

Survive and save two of your friends.

Armory Master 10 Points

Upgrade equipment 20 times

Om Nom 5 Points

Feed your pet 5 food items

The King of Slime 5 Points

Defeat King Slime

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