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Kind of nice.

It's kind of nice yeah, but it's basically the song "I'm a big big girl in a big big world".
If you had announced it as a remake of that song I would have given you a higher score, but not a full pot, since it's not really my style.

But then, I'm not perfect, as far as I know, there's another song just like that one that sounds like this, though older. But this is as far as I know :)

But keep up the good work :)

jakk-locke responds:

is that so? ill have to give that song a listen :P

cheers for the heads up! ill have to change it/ remove it if its to similar :p haha

A nice beginning to the year.

I must say, at first I had some kind of problem adjusting to the way the chords went (probably due to the fact that I'm extremely tired :P). But after about 1 minute, my hearing had adjusted and began to love it instantly :)
I'm quite impressed.
Keep it up, but don't try too hard (or else you wouldn't finish anything :P).

Peace out from your swedish neighbour :)

SkyMarshall responds:

Hehe I know what you mean! After, say 6 hours, of constant sequencing and decibels pumping out of the monitors... its IMPOSSIBLE to hear if the song sucks, owns or if its just plain wrong. You get "deaf" after a while. So if the song just seems wrong, I leave it and come back a day later. Then I know what the fuck is going on again. But yeah, the chords in this one is different - but in sync :)

And Im glad you liked it - especially coming from a swede.
Very nice - and I appreciate it man =)


It's too quiet. Turn up the volume a notch and make the voices more clear, then I'll probably hear the lyrics too.
Wow, that may have sounded more negative than I thought, but it's my honest opinion. I really love this kind of music, but as previously stated, it's just too quiet and uncomprehensible.

Good luck in future projects :)

DarkLink2000 responds:

No don't even worry about it. I appriciate any comments ^_^. I'll probably either revamp this

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