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This was okay. Not the best you've done, but not the worst I've ever heard either.
Too bad she got sick, because this song really needs lyrics in my opinion. But don't get me wrong, I like it the way it is too; I only make instrumental songs myself, but well... when listening to this, something seems to be missing. I can only think of the lyrics. And the G-Man speech is cool, but not cool enough. Sorry.
It's a 3/5 and 8/10.

SkyMarshall responds:

Yeah well, she got sick as you mentioned - and I dont have the time to wait for anything generally. Im glad you liked it a little at least. Im actually very happy with this myself, as it is pretty technically advanced for a straight up dance-tune.

But yeas - a vocal-edit will be done later on I think =)

This was really nice.

I reviewed another of your songs 6 minutes ago and claimed that I'm usually quite a critic.
Well, you make me look nice. Shame on you :P
This was really great. Not much to complain about really. I won't give you 10, but a 9 is well in it's place, the last star was taken just because I didn't like the female voice telling us straight out that it was "Go West". I liked the rest because you really had to make an effort to figure out the "Go West"-part. Though I'm not saying it was bad either.
Keep up the good work.

SkyMarshall responds:

Haha sorry man=) But hey, HONEST reviews is what we authors like, yes? I almost agree with you on the "Go West" being shuved down your throat in the middle. But I started this as a clean Go West-remix, but as always - I added stuff, then some more stuff - and then what you have here. So if I just remove the "Go West" from it all together, I can call this one my own. But noooo ... it is what it is. And I totally agree with you on every point here. Thanks for another awesome review, comrade :)

R.E.S.P.E.C.T Man!

I am known (or rather unknown perhaps) to rate low, to be a critic. In this case however, I cannot do that. This song is absolutely perfect in all ways possible. No question about it.
I really wish I could come up with something negative or advice or such, but it's impossible. I cannot express with words how much I really like this song. None of my own work will EVER become as good as this. Never ever.
It's the first song on my Favourites. Guaranteed.
Extremely good work man. Keep it up!

SkyMarshall responds:

Haha really? Well I almost feel kinda honred man =) Thanks a bunchie for that one. Awesome review ... again!

Quite allright.

It's quite allright for a first try actually. I kind of dig it :)
4/5 vote and 7/10 rating.

Keep it up :)

jakk-locke responds:

thanks man, although its not the first thing ive ever made =p

it was a tester to make sure cubase worked fine on my pc.

I just wish less people would see i as me trying to represent it as it was rignally ¬.¬
You know who you are!! :P

Cheers mang
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