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Kind of nice.

It's kind of nice yeah, but it's basically the song "I'm a big big girl in a big big world".
If you had announced it as a remake of that song I would have given you a higher score, but not a full pot, since it's not really my style.

But then, I'm not perfect, as far as I know, there's another song just like that one that sounds like this, though older. But this is as far as I know :)

But keep up the good work :)

jakk-locke responds:

is that so? ill have to give that song a listen :P

cheers for the heads up! ill have to change it/ remove it if its to similar :p haha

A nice beginning to the year.

I must say, at first I had some kind of problem adjusting to the way the chords went (probably due to the fact that I'm extremely tired :P). But after about 1 minute, my hearing had adjusted and began to love it instantly :)
I'm quite impressed.
Keep it up, but don't try too hard (or else you wouldn't finish anything :P).

Peace out from your swedish neighbour :)

SkyMarshall responds:

Hehe I know what you mean! After, say 6 hours, of constant sequencing and decibels pumping out of the monitors... its IMPOSSIBLE to hear if the song sucks, owns or if its just plain wrong. You get "deaf" after a while. So if the song just seems wrong, I leave it and come back a day later. Then I know what the fuck is going on again. But yeah, the chords in this one is different - but in sync :)

And Im glad you liked it - especially coming from a swede.
Very nice - and I appreciate it man =)


It's too quiet. Turn up the volume a notch and make the voices more clear, then I'll probably hear the lyrics too.
Wow, that may have sounded more negative than I thought, but it's my honest opinion. I really love this kind of music, but as previously stated, it's just too quiet and uncomprehensible.

Good luck in future projects :)

DarkLink2000 responds:

No don't even worry about it. I appriciate any comments ^_^. I'll probably either revamp this


This was cool. I'm thinking of making a game actually (though not in flash as I suck at art) and this song would be perfect for one of the stages. Of course a racing game.
If I ever get so far as to implement music, I'll be in touch about this one. Just don't expect it since I've got a few hundred other projects too :P

Keep up the good work! And if you want, it would be cool if you would check out my songs too and maybe review one. It's up to you.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Alright! I'll check your stuff later, thanks for the review pal!

I dig it.

Nice song, a bit "messy" with all the sounds, but that's what I like about it :)

Keep it up :)

Ethalyn responds:

glad you like it :D

Loved it.

I love this one, as I'm sure you already know (seeing what I did to it later on :P).
It's just right. Love the lyrics too. They are so right.
Good work.

Oh, and by the way, you should upload this to http://remix.kwed.com - it's a site where sid-remixers are gathered. This would be extremely popular, I just know it :)

SkyMarshall responds:

Yeah thanks man =) Glad you liked it. It still brings back memories when I listen to it, so something must have been done right, if nothing else. So THAAANKS :D

But yes, waaaay ahead of you man :)
http://www.remix64.com/member_skymars hall_art.html

Seriously fun :)

As you stated, this were quite cheap, but so fun it was worth it.
I really enjoy fun songs, and even though I'm not a WoW-fan, I know enough of the game to know what you're singing about :)
And it was really cool too hear a melody I'm extremely familiar to.
One thing I think would be really cool with this song, was if you would make it a Trance/Techno/Dance-ish song of it with the same lyrics. That would seriously be awesome.
Anyways, 4/5 and 8, just because it was quite cheap :P
Otherwise I loved it ^^

And good luck with the girlfriend :)
I just got dumped, so it's nice to see that someone else can be happy still.

Be well, friend :)

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks for the 8 man =) Glad you like it. But no, I wont do a damn remix in the unz-unz genre man. That just screams GOT CHEEZE LAD???? Or maybe it would be fun. Hell, I'll look into it :)

Sorry you got dumped man - that just sucks ass. Happened to me two times actually, and its equally fun everytime. But now - I'll try and make it last until god comes back and rapes us all with this girl. And it WILL work c",)


Nice lyrics. Okay composition musicwise.
Other than that? Well... sorry but no. This is one of the few songs of yours that gets a low score from me (although not as low as it could have been).
3/5 and 7/10.

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks =) Once and a while I just have to do something different. I like experimenting with different things. But 7 is good =) Appreciate it!


This was okay. Not the best you've done, but not the worst I've ever heard either.
Too bad she got sick, because this song really needs lyrics in my opinion. But don't get me wrong, I like it the way it is too; I only make instrumental songs myself, but well... when listening to this, something seems to be missing. I can only think of the lyrics. And the G-Man speech is cool, but not cool enough. Sorry.
It's a 3/5 and 8/10.

SkyMarshall responds:

Yeah well, she got sick as you mentioned - and I dont have the time to wait for anything generally. Im glad you liked it a little at least. Im actually very happy with this myself, as it is pretty technically advanced for a straight up dance-tune.

But yeas - a vocal-edit will be done later on I think =)

This was really nice.

I reviewed another of your songs 6 minutes ago and claimed that I'm usually quite a critic.
Well, you make me look nice. Shame on you :P
This was really great. Not much to complain about really. I won't give you 10, but a 9 is well in it's place, the last star was taken just because I didn't like the female voice telling us straight out that it was "Go West". I liked the rest because you really had to make an effort to figure out the "Go West"-part. Though I'm not saying it was bad either.
Keep up the good work.

SkyMarshall responds:

Haha sorry man=) But hey, HONEST reviews is what we authors like, yes? I almost agree with you on the "Go West" being shuved down your throat in the middle. But I started this as a clean Go West-remix, but as always - I added stuff, then some more stuff - and then what you have here. So if I just remove the "Go West" from it all together, I can call this one my own. But noooo ... it is what it is. And I totally agree with you on every point here. Thanks for another awesome review, comrade :)

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